Our boat services company

The whole BJ Yachting team is at your service for :

  • Sale of second hand boats of all brands, sail and motor,
  • Resale of your used boat
  • Advice for the financing of your boat (LOA, management-leasing)
  • Advice and services for the maintenance of your equipment.
  • Advices for the purchase of fittings 
  • Car rental at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (very competitive prices, no waiting at the airport): www.midi-location.fr

Maintenance and management of your catamaran:

Our service includes an annual package which includes:

  • Your boat insurance
  • A dry dock with two launchings per year
  • Annual maintenance recommended by the manufacturer (engines, rigging, etc.)
  • Provision of the boat at the place of your vacation (limited area)
  • Update of security equipment
  • Support in purchasing and administrative procedures
  • Handling and training (conveying possible)
  • We can also manage the rental of your catamaran in order to amortize the management costs.

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